Welcome to the Second Edition of the Bohemian Bull Terrier, a comprehensive book covering the breed from Continental European countries. I have managed to compile what I consider to be most influential dogs in these countries, in relation to their show and stud careers, as well as results from the top Bull Terrier shows. If you find your dog or bitch missing from certain sections I am deeply sorry. The reason could be from lack of quality photo, one that would present him or her at their best, or that photo could not be obtained at all. Perhaps when the Third Edition of teh Bohemian Bull Terrier is printed that will no longer be an issue.

    My sincere appretiation goes out to the many breeders and fanciers who have donated their time and supplied photos, articles, show results and personal insights, for without their help this book would not come to fruition. My heartfelt thanks goes out to Leila SAUKKO for all the material covering Sweden and surrounding countries, Cathie & Rudi DETTMAR for their efforts in fighting Breed Specific Legislation in Germany by legally challenging the Import Ban, to Espen THYGESEN for his contributions and insight on the breed, to Wheelan & Nico DU PREEZ for the Sounth African Bull Terrier scene, Rikke PEDERSEN and Kim BRESSENDORFF for information from Denmark, Leo de WOLF, André VERHEIDEN, Alice van KEMPEN and Corne MATON for all material from the Netherlands and especially to my good friend Jaroslav PAVEL for sharing the international dog scene. Also Lisa T. CARLSTEDT who made so many photos "up North" and game me permission to include them in this book.

    Last but not least, I must thanks my family and friends for all the support and my good friend Vanda MARATOVÁ. And finaly, for all the inspiration Buggy gives me.

    I hope you would enjoy the book as I strived to make this issue more international. It will give breeders the opportunity to see a wide-range of breeding material when looking for new bloodlines.


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