Bohemian Bull Terrier provides a comprehensive overview of bull terrier show and breedig scene not only of continental European countries but also with touch of other countries all over the world.

    The goal of Bohemian Bull Terrier is to bring yearly overview of main events of bull terrier shows, introduce various dogs and bitches with quality picture and pedigree, introduce main kennels and breeders from all over the world, and gave readers the oportunity to see wide-range of breeding material when looking for new bloodlines or assist you in finding missing documentation of bull terrier ancestors of your bull terrier.

    The motto is - winners and contender deserve to be in presented with quality picture and pedigee at NO COST.

    Bohemian Bull Terrier is hard covered, coloured book printed on hi quality paper.

    Do not forget that book is compilated from available materials as pictres only those quality enough cant be prinded, if you miss your dog or bitch try to provide picture and all the details till next issue deadline. 

History of project

    First issue of BBT 2004, which were published on january of 2005, introduced overview of history of bull terriers in Czech republic and show reports from surrounding countries. During this year were several other project which should bring other yearbook like books and I decide not to continue in publishing since in this region probably should not be enough space for similar publications and cost spending would be then major problem.

  Following years other publication were published, from 2006 solely in english with wider coverage, contributions and articles introducing lot of bullies from all around the world as several main kennels.